Sea Explorer par l'association Terre Marine - CAP D'AGDE
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All day exploration for all


A day of sailing to discover, observe the marine life and in particular dolphins when we have the opportunity


It is also an opportunity to observe seabirds (leucophé gull, brown gull, black-legged kittiwake, mediterranean gull, cormorant, stern …)  

Workshops are offered throughout the navigation :  

Plankton sampling with a special net and microscope observation.

Mini-conference on cetaceans with teaching materials.  

Listen to underwater sounds and information on cetacean communication. Film projection and information.  

Onboard sailing teacher, ecologist and two marine guides.  

The boat is fully equipped for observation at different deck levels, binoculars can be borrowed. 

Our hydrophones can indicate the presence of animals.  

We propose a formative and educational approach. 

We can not guarantee the observation of animals which can also depend on the weather. Above15-20 knots the tracking of animals is not so easy.  A similar situation to our observation protocols during our off-season missions is carried out with participants wishing to get involved.


We apply an approach charter defined by the association « Souffleur d’écume » and sanctuary « Pelagos » (label HQWW) to be the least intrusive as possible. We are against swimming with cetaceans and want to share above all our respect for animals and wildlife.  

Departure from Cap d’Agde on Sundays in July / August 

Off summer from Cap d’Agde or other ports for groups on request

 Informations on 33 (0)6 12 75 10 06 or

Meals taken at sea, (bring your own).









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