Sea Explorer par l'association Terre Marine - CAP D'AGDE
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Discover, understand and learn marine life

by navigation discovery and

“Science and Life” workshops offered on board.


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The planet Sea, its environment and human action

Living things and their evolution

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Set up workshops during navigation using different teaching tools :  

Independent workshops to discover, observe, learn  

Accompanied workshops for setting up the methodology of the investigation process.

Mini-conferences, experience sharing, interventions during opportunistic observations (= possible approach with cetaceans, jellyfish, turtles, birds, moon fish, blue sharks …)  

Scientific workshops offered :  

– Link between the ocean and the climate, migration of marine life  

– The plastic ocean and its effects on marine animals  

– Plankton  

– Underwater noise and its impact to the mega-fauna  

– Living ocean, living planet, presentation of the Mediterranean fauna 

– Discovery of scientific equipment on board  

– Eco-responsibility: management of waste, water, energy, food … How do we cope on board? overview of the environmental solutions implemented : solar panels, wind turbines, electric motors  

Workshops navigation exercises on request :  

– how to position yourself on a nautical chart 

– hold the direction

– to find your way from the coast  

– sailing practice : where does the wind come from, how to define its strength, launch the sails, adjust the sails, hold the helm.









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