Sea Explorer par l'association Terre Marine - CAP D'AGDE
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Discovery tour


Departure from Cap d’Agde, come with family, friends and join our team for discoveries, initiations, observations and explorations of marine life on the educational catamaran Sea Explorer. 

An innovative concept that proposes through knowledge 250m2 of workshops, animations, tools to create a link with children, parents, friends.

-> more information in our sub-sections and section “operation conditions”

Initiation 2 hours for all :  

A program with workshops and educational activities adapted to the little ones, to older children but also to the adults.  

Discovery 3h 30, observation 5h or exploration day for all : 

Programs for children, teens, curious and passionate adults who choose to observe, learn and understand the environment around them.  

Educational contents with suggestions for participation are presented throughout the navigation.   



Sea Explorer 1 mât visuel BLEU février 2017

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