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We propose the Sea Explorer and its crew with contribution to the running costs of the ship.

Departures from Mediterranean ports

57 participants during the day, 10 overnight 

You are a marine environment education association, school, high school or university, community, dive centre, cultural heritage awareness organization, community.


We come to your port with the ship, its educational tools and put together a programme according to your needs and your expectations.  

You are an environmental association, a scientific institute, a research laboratory.  

You need data on the marine environment, you want to carry out a mission over several days or weeks, you have a programme of observations and expertise on the conservation of a population …. 

The Sea Explorer is at your disposable with its equipment. The crew is trained to help you with collections. We are used to protocols, transects, follow-ups ….


You are a group, a company, an environmental film producer. 

We can respond to your project as part of our ship and association.

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