Sea Explorer par l'association Terre Marine - CAP D'AGDE
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School Children – 4 to 6 years old

4 to 6 yr : motion, explore the world of the sea


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Explore the boat, discover the world of the sea by sailing and navigation


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The boat : a prepared environment



To find your position, take ownership, discover, observe

Discovery workshop – mobility course  

To experience the space of the boat by motion, a course with simple actions: to go up, to go down, to step over, to climb over (small scale), to balance on the trampolines. return to starting point, visualise the course on a simple map of the boat (large panel).  

Navigation workshops  

workshop how to spot winds  

workshop launching sails  

workshop clouds  

Workshops discovery of living things  

discovery workshops of marine animals of the Mediterranean  

Observation protocol workshop  

use binoculars, fill in an observation sheet adapted to the level and the age of the child  

Sensory workshops  

“seawater” workshop  

Colour workshop ” the different blue colours of the sea”  

Tactile riddle workshop  “sea traces”

workshop “the sounds of the sea”  

Workshops tales and stories about the sea  

Listen to stories about the sea, accounts of navigation from crew members, and dream comfortably.  


*independant workshops with one or more adults (after presentation of the material) / accompanied workshops.

The content, the choice of activities and on-board resource workshops are defined in advance with the teacher (s) depending on the project and the field of investigation envisaged.



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