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School children – 6 to 12 years old

6 – 12 years old : question, observe, understand marine life

… and introduction to sailing, discover, understand and learn the marine environment

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Workshops : accompanied or independently with the supervision of at least one adult

Embarkation and welcome on board 

  • dedicated time: organisation and security :  
  • discover and learn safety rules onboard
  • find your way on the boat 

Navigation workshops on request:          

workshops finding winds         

workshop launching sails         

workshop clouds         

workshops navigation tools : how to use binoculars, discover a nautical chart, GPS reading (read the real time position of the boat (latitude, longitude), read the real time speed of the boat.

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Discovery workshops, observation, learning about marine life on request: 

. discover and learn some basic elements of specific language used on ships 

. act and participate in environmental data collection protocols 

.workshop on the evolution of living things, work with the timeline of the living (“timeline of life”, Montessori material) 

. discover the main marine species of the Mediterranean workshop “the sounds of the sea and the communication of cetaceans” 

. collect, observe, recognise the marine plankton 

Tales and stories of the sea on request : 

. listen to tales of the sea, navigation stories from crew members, and dream comfortably.  


The content, the choice of activities and on-board resource workshops are defined in advance with the teacher (s) depending on the project and the field of investigation envisaged.




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