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The Association

Terre Marine is an Association 

It has been in existence since 2011   

The environmental, scientific and educational interest is at the heart of the team’s values. We assume that to protect, you have to discover and understand. This is why our approach is combined with the acquisition of knowledge and respect for wildlife at sea.  

Faced with climate changes and the necessity to reduce C02 emissions, the practice of sailing in a recreational environment seems obvious. This is why we teach it as a simple action which is accessible to everyone, integrating perfectly into an eco-navigation approach.

The urgency of the awareness of the preservation of the Mediterranean fauna, the preservation of the Mediterranean Sea and ultimately the preservation of the human species led us to develop an education programme for all and especially for the youngest ones directly concerned by the upcoming changes.  

An active and innovative Education on the boat “Sea Explorer” to sensitise “without feeling guilty” the general public by building a knowledge of marine sciences.  


Michel FRANCK : scientific leader project manager, founder

Sophie FRANCK – BOURGUIGNON : Teacher, founder

Guillaume NAU : activity leader in the marine environment

Thierry Tournier : diver, mission participant

Corine Martel : teaching expertise 1st degree

Sébastien Germain: Diving support

Virginia Garcia : educational advice Science and Earth Life

Caroline Méric : activity  support

Michel Cantou,: freediver, scientific missions

Renaud Dupuy de la Grandrive, protected marine area expert

Nathalie Di-Méglio, cetacean expert

Mélissa Trougan, biology support

Jérôme Cantou, diving mission 

Elyane Martinais, logistic support

Guy bourguignon, technical and teaching support

Jeanine Bourguignon, technical and teaching support

Edouard Chéré, scientific and diving expert

Marine Lange, activity and scientific expert

Sylvain Blouet, scientific and diving expert



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