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My Story

I was born on the Lérins Islands off Cannes, a few years ago, commissioned by a « financially comfortable » gentleman who wanted to take me to Puerto Rico.

My manufacture, hulls and deck, then began.

Everything was going well but this very passionate man, got bored very quickly and they stopped building me.

I waited a long time on my embankment which continues to give me life, a little sadly, I must admit.

But on a beautiful autumn morning, two sea lovers arrive and told me  » you are too beautiful, you are like the one we wanted to make, let’s adopt you »

That was not so easy, they didn’t have much money but as my Mr.Rich had already partially paid for me, the deal was concluded and there I was on my way to my new destination called Cap d’Agde.

They towed me with a big boat and I came quietly behind it.

Everything was going all right, and they decided to put me into a car park at the entrance to the port, well it’s nice I can see boats passing by, there are plenty of people who come and say hello.

My two passionate friends, one a marine ecologist and the other a teacher, are really motivated. They create an association, gathering around them a whole team of sailors, technicians, scientists and teachers.

I hear beautiful things, they will put on my deck children, families, people who will study the sea, make me sail to understand the need to preserve the Mediterranean and its marine life, on that, I totally agree!

Not so easy … for that, you always need money and I do not have the feeling that since I left the Lérins Islands they won the lottery …

So they go everywhere to find it, they fill in papers, meet supposedly important people and promise them lots of things, they believe but … they often look disappointed.

But they never give up and after long months, Wow! they win a contest organized by the « Languedoc-Roussillon » region, which helps them. The “Banque Populaire du Sud” agrees to lend them money, so congratulations, nowadays it is not as obvious …

Suddenly, the department of Herault, universities, research institutes, foundations, companies and their longtime friends Hyper U and Balneocap follow up as well.

We even decide to put a lot of names on my hulls in return for a small cheque, lovers, families …what I like best is the names of children. 

There we go again, I’m being built again and my friends recovered used parts, they go one day to an airplane breakage yard and they recover aluminum, floors, a day in a boatyard or they recover cargo portholes … People come to see me and give pieces they do not use anymore and even a gentleman who gives a whole boat. So this is quite a story, because this boat is pulled out and is completely dismantled. We use its pieces for me, well I’m fine, it was a classy boat, moreover Italian, I think it gives me a great look. When I say “we” it represents a whole team : volunteers, enthusiasts who do not count their time and come for the pleasure of participating in this great adventure and seeing me one day navigate. My aluminum nearly melts into happiness. 

Here is an anecdote, one day they have been given two 20m masts from a sailor, well it is necessary to bring them from the technical zone to the entrance of the port, about four kilometers.

But we won’t rent a truck for that, it is too expensive, and polluting. Hey come on all our friends, we will carry, roll, push and we get those masts, zero CO2 and a lot of conviviality.

Then, I have been given a roof, a rear deck, a lookout to observe dolphins and marine life, a super deck hardware and cabins with wood and equipment from my Italian boat friend.

They decide to set two big tractor engines, I am first a bit surprised but they say that it is to make pretty furrows in the sea.

I do not mind if they are quiet and ecological, it seems that those engines are the latest standards, little consumption and rejection into the sea and in the air. Then we will plan to provide solar panels, wind turbines for energy and think how to minimize the impact of my navigation on the marine environment and did you think about my antifouling, as scientists, you will not throw biocides into the water!

Well, I should have shut up because they thought of everything and even my end of life cycle, recycled I heard. Gulp.

Well we are not there yet, on the contrary, after several years of work, here I am, ready and beautiful to finally be useful …




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